KIMARO Geotechnical Engineering Pte Ltd. employs 55 staff and owns 15 drilling machines and state-of-art fleets & other machineries .Today Kimaro is one of the leading instrumentation and soil investigation companies in Singapore.
Soil Investigation works carried out for Bukit Panjang N4 C15 &C16 under site investigation term contract No.32 awarded by Housing and Development Board (HDB)
Instruments and Monitoring Devices for Geotechnical Instrumentation Works
Drilling machines for site investigation and geotechnical instrumentation works
Offshore site investigation works carried out for Upper Peirce Reservoir and Pumping Station, Pipeline and other ancillary works at Jalan Rajah, Singapore for PUB project
Drilling machine mounted on crawlers in order to conduct site investigation works at difficult ground and topography

Fleets & Machineries

Our ability to cover a wide span of customized Geotechnical needs have grown by many folds with astounding maintenance of fleets and advanced machineries. This in turn increased our productivity and efficiency by manifolds ever since Kimaro's establishment.