Seismic and Resistivity surveys are useful non-invasive, non-destructive tools that can investigate geological structure and rock properties
Seismic methods can rapidly characterize a site and determine elastic properties of soil and rock for geotechnical purposes, or estimate material density of the soil layers.
Electrical properties are among the most useful geophysical parameters in characterizing Earth materials
Variations in electrical resistivity typically correlate with variations in lithology, water saturation, fluid conductivity, porosity and permeability.

We also offer the following related services like Seismic Reflection,Seismic Refraction,Seismic Surface Wave Measurement,Electrical Resistivity Imaging


Geophysical techniques is a perfect complement to site investigation and we have extensive experience in applying state-of-the-art non-invasive ground characterization techniques . KIMARO offers the following surface geophysical surveys service:- Seismic methods (elastic wave propagation) & Electric methods (resistivity of ground)

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